Sunny Sayulita is a marvelous, charming and eccentric small fishing village, on Mexico's rain forested Pacific, about 28 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, with picturesque beaches, delicious and exclusive Mexican cuisine, especially attracting surfers, artists and bohemian travellers.

A brief history about Sayulita

Huichol Indians probably lived here in the past and Sayulita began to be populated by Mexican fishermen only in the 19th century. Fifteen years ago, Sayulita was a quiet, sleepy village with a population of a few hundred, with only a few hotels at the time, featuring a wide swirl of white sand and protected by the jungle, and Sierra Madre mountains. Nowadays Sayulita is perhaps four times more densely populated, with fine shopping and dining, but always maintaining its original genuine identity. Back in the 1970s, the first arriving foreign travellers had to hack their way through a dense jungle and many settled down here opening pretty boutique hotels and shops.

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Sayulita today

The main activity in Sayulita is the beach side, as the gorgeous stretches of quiet beaches are perhaps the most beautiful in the Mexican Pacific. This is an ideal place for relaxation, wellness activities, sampling delicious Margaritas and water sports. There are a number of surf clubs and the whole village has a surfer’s vibe, half of Mexico's international surf team has roots in this tiny region. Members of the native Huichol tribe remain a colorful presence in town, dressed in traditional white and red clothing with their unique folklore illustrated in their visionary magical paintings.