Arraial D'Ajuda

Just across the Buranhém River from Porto Seguro, Arraial D'Ajuda is a peaceful traditional village in Bahia, charmingly rustic, yet one of the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan destinations on the Brazilian coast, famous for its excellent gastronomic options, both local cuisine and international.

A brief story about Arraial D'Ajuda

The area was taken over by the Portuguese Empire in 1534 and in 1549, Tomé de Souza and some Jesuits arrived on the beaches here in three boats named Conceição, Salvador and Ajuda, which gave their names to the new villages. Arraial d’Ajuda remained remote, secret and paradisiacal for many centuries and only started to gain fame in 1970 and develop as a tourist destination with the arrival of hippies, followed by Argentine and Israeli tourists in the 90s, then Europeans massively at the beginning of the 2000s. Many of these foreigners settled down to live and created inns , hotels, restaurants, transforming Arraial into one of the most cosmopolitan places in Brazil.

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Arraial D'Ajuda today

Hospitable, original, culturally diverse, the village’s main tourism and comercial focal point revolves around the square , Praça São Brás, venue of the main Hippie Fair in the city, with three nearby hubs of restaurants and shops. Rua Mucugê is the most famous, a charming street with several restaurants and fun bars to enjoy the night. Broadway Street is ideal for pleasant walkabouts. And Praça Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes (better known as Largo da Ajuda), is unique with very pretty, colourful houses and shops. Although it has undergone several transformations, the village preserves its natural beauty, such as the stunning beaches with coconut trees, sandbanks and portions of the Atlantic Forest of Apaga Fogo, Araçaípe, Fishermen, Mucugê, Parracho, Pitinga, Lagoa Azul, Taípe and and Rio da Barra.