Welcome to Pipa, exuberant nature, dolphins, surfing, international cuisine, and much more...

A brief history about Pipa

It was just another fishing village -not road accessible- when people started to come to this paradise to surf, in the late seventies, attracted by a set of natural attributes: crystal-clear water, white sand, areas of preservation, and friendly locals. The entire bay is surrounded by beautiful 10-meter-high vertical cliffs.

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Pipa today

Pipa is home to some of Brazil’s most famous beaches like “Praia do Madeiro”, “Praia do Amor” and “Bahia dos Golfinhos” ( Dolphins Bay) ...The legend states that you cannot leave Pipa without having seen a dolphin. Tourists come from everywhere to surf the great waves of Pipa and enjoy the fun nightlife in the picturesque streets with their international restaurants and spend the night away dancing reggae, samba, forro ... in the numerous bars.