Santa Cruz Cabrália

With its lovely beaches is a splendid destination on the coast of Bahia, considered the cradle of the country's colonization history and featuring a variety of activities for the demanding visitor.

A brief history about Santa Cruz Cabrália

The history of the district began in 1705 when Italian friars settled in an indigenous village called Mayrahú; in 1761 it was upgraded to village status and only in 1938 that it finally became a city named Maraú. The small village of Barra Grande in the Maraú district was created by fishermen in search of sustenance facing the sea, always maintaining a simple style and in total harmony with nature.

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Santa Cruz Cabrália today

Santa Cruz Cabrália is the birthplace of the history and culture of colonial Brazil. It has been attracting international tourists seeking a vacation destination with multiple options and activities: charming beaches, the sights rich in history and the city center full of shops, restaurants, bars and markets. A top attraction is the famous Coroa Vermelha Beach, a very pretty, peaceful beach, a very popular destination throughout the region, considered to be the site where the Portuguese landed when they first arrived in Brazil.