Île-de-France, literally "Isle of France" is the most populous of the eighteen regions of France, centered around the capital Paris. This is a rich and varied region, the national heartland of France, with the highest per capita GDP of any French region and the third-highest of any region in the European Union.

A brief history about Ile-de-France

The Île-de-France region is one of the ancient provinces of France and has been the center of power during French history thanks to the dynamism and economic supremacy of its principal city, Paris. Founded in the 3rd century BC, inhabited by a Celtic tribe known as the Parisii, hence the origin of its name. The first settlement probably was on the island in the center of Paris, now known as L'Ile de la Cité. In 52 BC, Julius Caesar and his legions of Roman soldiers arrived here, achieving one of his most significant military victories: this Roman victory against the Celtic Gauls has an iconic place in modern French history and nationalism.

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Ile-de-France today

The Île de France today superbly exemplifies the rich heritage of France acquired over the centuries: the royal forests, the magnificent Gothic cathedrals and churches (Notre-Dame de Paris, Sainte-Chapelle, Saint-Denis), the medieval castles, and the extravagant royal palaces of the Kings of France (the Louvre, Versailles, Fontainebleau, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Saint-Germain-en-Laye). The region has evolved into a major tourist destination for international visitors and includes the most-visited tourist attraction in France, Disneyland Paris.