Punta Mita

An exclusive destination located on the Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita is the embodiment of sophistication and privacy. Located north of Puerto Vallarta, on the peaceful Pacific coast of Mexico, the village of Punta Mita is an almost private peninsula. It has evolved into Mexico's top resort development project, featuring the most exceptional resorts and multimillion dollar villas.

A brief history about Punta Mita

The name Mita comes from the Aztec word “Mictlan”, which means “the portal for Paradise”. The evidence of civilization in Punta Mita and the surroundings date back to around 2000 BC and is believed that at least six great cultural groups existed in the area before the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th Century. The first registered civilization in the area was the Cora, a small tribe that lived between 400 to 1200 AD, many of their descendants still live in the area. About 30 years ago, Punta Mita was a fishing village with its humble homes scattered throughout the area. Initially some millionaires discovered this place as ideal to reside privately in beach condominiums ensconced in the luxuriant vegetation. The world's most luxurious hotel chains followed suit, understanding the potential and built high-end resorts.

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Punta Mita today

Today, Punta Mita is conducive to family trips and offers a variety of marine activities for children. This area is magnificent and invigorating with quiet paradisiacal white sand beaches, crystal clear water, coral reefs, stately rocks along the shoreline, a gorgeous translucent blue ocean, framed by the abundant lush tropical flora of the Riviera, providing a lot of comfort and fun for its visitors. In Punta Mita you can have the unique opportunity to see large and beautiful rays, sea turtles, and during the season, humpback whales. A highly recommended neighboring place to visit is Playa Escondida - as its name says the beach is hidden - a precious gem located in the Marietas Islands, near Punta Mita.