São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso is 102 km from the capital Natal and is well known for its rich culture, excellent cuisine, beautiful beaches, and nature preservation.

A brief history about São Miguel do Gostoso

For many years in São Miguel do Gostoso, the main livelihood of the locals came from traditional activities in the region such as the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, and fishing. In the 1990s tourism also developed and started to bring economic benefits. The region is characterized by the great biodiversity of fauna and flora and a humid tropical climate.

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São Miguel do Gostoso today

The municipality of São Miguel do Gostoso depends on holiday tourism, thanks to its warm waters, lagoons, cliffs, and sand dunes. The region became internationally famous for its ideal wind to practice sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. São Miguel do Gostoso is small, so it is possible to visit the city just by walking about but there are also bikes, quads, or buggies for those seeking a more adventurous experience!