Fortim, a town in the state of Ceará, Brazil, is located about 130 km south of Fortaleza, capital of Ceará. It is one of the most popular destinations on the southern coast of Ceará for international visitors, avid fans of extreme sports such as kiteboarding.

A brief history about Fortim

The history of Fortim is closely linked to the state of Ceará. The city was founded in 1603 by Pero Coelho de Souza and was originally called Canoé. It obtained the status of village in 1934 and in 1937, the district headquarters were transferred here and the place was renamed Fortim and it became separate from the municipality of Aracati in 1992.

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Fortim today

This Brazilian Northeast town is a veritable paradise featuring a unique climate , with ideal temperatures, ranging between 26 and 32° all year round. The air breathed here is said to be the purest in the civilized world! The region features several beaches, each with its own characteristics and attractions. The famous Canoa Quebrada beach is surrounded by high red sand cliffs, Canto da Barra beach is located at the confluence of a river meeting the ocean, and Praia das Agulhas is ideal for visitors seeking a wild nature vibe. A charming village Pontal de Maceió in the Fortim municipality is an authentic preserved fishing village: its beautiful charming coast is in constant rhythm with the comings and goings of fishing rafts carrying fish and lobster.