Barra Grande

Located in the Maraú Peninsula in Bahia, Barra Grande is a veritable rare jewel, a rustic, peaceful, enchanting village characterized by its exuberant luxuriant nature and sandy beaches so clear and waters so calm, the ideal holiday destination.

A brief history about Barra Grande

The history of the district began in 1705 when Italian friars settled in an indigenous village called Mayrahú; in 1761 it was upgraded to village status and only in 1938 that it finally became a city named Maraú. The small village of Barra Grande in the Maraú district was created by fishermen in search of sustenance facing the sea, always maintaining a simple style and in total harmony with nature.

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Barra Grande today

Barra Grande is today the most famous district of the Maraú Peninsula captivating visitors with its atmosphere of pure tranquility and its calm and crystalline sea, perfect for snorkeling. This district features endless unspoiled beaches, mangroves, lagoons, the Atlantic rainforest, bromeliads and excellent food and accommodations. A unique highlight: the rock formations on the beaches forming natural pools. Among the top beaches, considered the most famous and beautiful in Brazil: Ponta do Mutá, Bombaça, Algodões and Taipu de Fora stand out. Discover Praça da Tainha, in the center of the village and enjoy restaurants, bars and good fun at night. It is also possible to schedule tours across the peninsula with ATVs or a cultural tour in a vehicle known as Jardineira, a bus adapted for cultural tourism.