The Greek island of Paros is located in the heart of the Aegean, part of the well known Cyclades islands group and is just a 40 minute flight from Athens. Paros features superb high-end villas, magnificent beaches, excellent restaurants, as well as a wide selection of breathtaking views!

A brief history about Paros

Paros has been inhabited since the 4th millennium BC and has experienced a variety of contrasting periods, from pinnacles of great economic and artistic superiority to low points of violence and obscurity. Paros evolved historically through three great civilizations, the Cycladic, the Minoan and the Mycenaean. Throughout antiquity Paros was an important commercial and military center, conquered by many armies, it became part of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and in 1537, the Ottoman Turks took over Paros and ruled until the Greek War of Independence (1821–1829). After Independence, the island of Paros, as well the entire Cyclades group , became part of the modern Greek State. During ancient times, Paros was renowned for its high-quality semi-transparent white marble, used in many celebrated masterpieces such as the Temple of Apollo and the Venus of Milos.

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Picturesque sun-drenched Paros, is Greek island relaxation par excellence, from dazzling white-washed and blue-doored Cycladic villages to perhaps the world's best seafood at lively tavernas lining the sparkling Mediterranean. Paros uniquely blends traditional and modern elements : enchanting rural cliff top villages, exuberant nightlife, a paradise for wind surfers. Its beaches are absolutely stunning,120 miles of Aegean coastline with many private secluded options. Paros is a convenient point for island hopping and ferrying to the iconic neighboring Mykonos and Santorini. The expansion of Paros’ small airport to accommodate more flights in 2016 resulted in a new wave of hip boutique hotels, trendy shops and refined restaurants.