Puglia, a lovely region with a historically cosmopolitan past is located on the east coast of southern Italy at the heel of Italy's boot. It has recently become increasingly popular as a tourist destination and has become well known for its traditional unique conical residences the trulli.

A brief history about Puglia

Strategically situated, the region was conquered and colonized by many different invaders with each group leaving their legacy: the Romans their agricultural projects; the Saracens their Moorish architectural vibe in the towns; the Normans superb cathedrals; the town of Martina Franca, its Spanish influences; the Swabian Frederick II, his transformation of Puglia into a land of splendid castles with 39 such royal residences.

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Puglia today

Puglia today is famous for the hundreds of kilometers of gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, superb sandy beaches, and crystal transparent waters. This is a magnificent land of impressive castles, important archeological sites, Baroque architecture, Romanesque cathedrals, magical trulli houses, and olive grove landscapes. In addition, a principal attraction of the region is the gastronomy and the excellent local produce - olive oils, wine, melons. Puglia is home to genuine Italian traditional cooking and nearly all the pasta in Italy is produced here!