Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis is one Brazil’s most dazzling destinations, the principal tourist centre in the coastal region of southern Rio de Janeiro, with 365 paradisiacal islands in its territory and has become a significant stopover for luxurious transatlantic cruises that tour the Brazilian coast and South America. In addition to its incredible scenery, Angra features exceptional local cuisine, beautiful artisan-crafted regional souvenirs as well as cultural and historical spaces such as the Museum of Sacred Art.

A brief history about Angra dos Reis

The first records of the region date back to January 6, 1502, discovered by the Portuguese Golçalves Coelho on his expedition. The region was previously occupied by the indigenous Tamoios Indians. Its principal economic activity was the planting of sugarcane and coffee and it became one of the largest ports at the time of Brazil's empire, with periods of decline. It recovered with the completion of a road railroad that connected Minas Gerais to the port of Angra, reactivating it for import and export, but it was in the 1960s that the city's economy really took off with the completion of the Verolme shipyard (later renamed as Keppel Fels) for construction and ship repair.

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Angra dos Reis today

Angra's economy today revolves around fishing, energy production and other port activities, but it is known worldwide for its ever increasing tourism options and demand for luxury properties, greatly developing the real estate market in the region. The city is very popular for special annual events, such as New Year's Eve celebrations, Festival of the Divine Spirit and Sailing Week of Angra dos Reis. Angra is increasingly sought after for its luxury condominiums, boat tours, diving services and especially for trips to Ilha Grande, largest island of the 365 . From Angra you have the amazing opportunity to visit the different islands and stunning beaches and enjoy them exclusively.