This exciting multicultural city is the business and luxury capital of Colombia. The “Savannah capital” reunites contemporary and older classical styles in its architecture, which is distinctive of the city. Bogota is home to the famous mount “Monserrate” which is one of the most popular sights in the country. Also, its famous parks and museums make the capital one of the most entertaining cities in Latin America. History, nightlife, and culture are the pillars of this modern and vibrant city.

A brief history about Bogotá

Founded in 1538 by the Spaniards under the name of Santa Fe de Bogota, it is one of the three highest capitals in the world. This territory was inhabited by the famous Colombian tribe called “The Muiscas”. The natives had large amounts of gold, which represented the main motive of colonization for the Spaniards. It was in Bogota where the first airport in Latin America was built. Also, in the twentieth century, the first large-scale energy plant was created along with other major constructions such as the Stadium and the National Park. Shortly, the capital became an economic powerhouse and business center for Colombia.

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Bogotá today

The capital provides a myriad of cultural options through its wide variety of libraries, museums, parks and events throughout the year. Bogota is a multicultural city that hosts people from across the country. Its exquisite cuisine and captivating nightlife, along with its outstanding business environment makes this city a top tourist destination.