Tuscany features culturally and historically relevant picturesque villages: in addition it is home to fascinating landscapes, protected parks, food, and wine, considered among the best in the world, a great unique combination attracting ever-increasing discerning visitors seeking high-end luxury experiences.

A brief history about Tuscany

Tuscany's cities and towns have retained their rich identity through the centuries and many of them are under UNESCO protection. The Renaissance energy is alive and is celebrated in local feast days and centuries-old medieval traditions such as tournaments and colorful rituals. Many present-day Tuscans resemble their Renaissance ancestors, they look as though they are models for paintings produced hundreds of years ago! The name originated from Etruschi, or Tuschi - Etruscans - who formed the principal sociocultural force arising in the 9th-8th century B.C. in the region which is now Tuscany.

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Tuscany today

Visiting Tuscany allows you to experience a taste of history, culture, nature, and leisure. This luxuriant land features amazing scenery, wellness spas, stunning beaches, luscious vineyards, olive groves, and majestic cypress trees. Tuscany embodies everything good and attractive about Italy: delicious food and wine, superb medieval churches and castles, and some of the greatest art and architecture of the Renaissance such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and beautiful Montepulciano, a quintessential Tuscan hilltop town, offering superb winding streets and a remarkable collection of Renaissance-style palazzi and churches. Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is a cultural time-capsule, with magnificent art and architecture, considered to be the finest most esthetically pleasing city in Italy.