Cascais, just 20 minutes away from Lisbon, has a beautiful seacoast, featuring beaches of wild nature and more urban ones. It is uniquely highlighted by the blue of the Atlantic Ocean with the green of Serra de Sintra.

A brief history about Cascais

The history of Cascais is connected to the history of Europe and its royal families, as the Portuguese Royal Family chose Cascais as a summer resort in the 19th century. The iconic, 5 stars, Hotel Palácio Estoril opened in 1930, is renowned for its majestic ambiance, as well during World War II European royal families in exile resided here, and at that time, the hotel notoriously became a rendezvous point for spies. Adjacent to it is the Casino Estoril, the biggest in Portugal and Europe.

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Cascais today

Cascais maintains its past tranquil charm from the period when it was the summer destination for the Portuguese Royal Family. The city has many cultural attractions especially in the Museum Quarter, with 16 places to visit. Cascais is sunny most of the year, great for boat trips, sea sports, and wonderful outdoor walks. The city features very high-quality fish and seafood restaurants. In addition, it has seven golf courses, all beautifully surrounded, each one designed by a different architect. The laidback sophistication, trendy restaurants, and fun bars make Cascais the most stylish ocean resort near Lisbon.