Paraty, a coastal city on the Green Coast - a luxuriant green corridor that runs along the coastline in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro - is superbly surrounded by mountains of the Atlantic Forest and has been attracting local and international tourists, for its preserved biodiversity, natural beauty, stunning beaches and for its unique charming, colonial historic center. UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has designated Paraty on the World Heritage List : world heritage of humanity for the integration between cultural and natural heritage.

A brief history about Paraty

The village of Paraty was founded in 1597 and established formally as a town in 1667. Paraty in the indigenous Tupi language means river of fish, the Portuguese colonists adopted this name. At that time, the principal activity was the cultivation of sugar cane and the flow of coffee production from the Paraíba valley. After a period of decline and isolation, a modest uptick occurred late in the 19th century with the production of cachaça, a sugarcane spirit best known today as the main ingredient for Brazil's world famous cocktail, the caipirinha. Afterwards, Paraty remained remote and forgotten until a paved road was built from Rio de Janeiro to the state of São Paulo, in the 1970s. The city then began a new cycle of activity and transformation , becoming integrated into the tourist route due to the rediscovery of its magnificent scenery and unique enchanting preserved historic center.

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Paraty today

As the city had been isolated for decades, in economic decline, the architecture of the houses in the historic center of the city had remained preserved in the colonial style: nowadays Paraty has become one of the most visited historical cities by tourists who enjoy connecting to the past, traveling back in time, appreciating the colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and stretches of the old Gold road. The city also has wonderful ecological parks with hiking trails and paradisiacal beaches, as well, it hosts major events such as the annual Paraty International Literary Festival featuring national and international writers. The city is the ideal getaway option from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo ( 4 hour drive from either one) and with more than 65 islands within its boundaries, a great place to organize fun boating excursions.