Chosen as the best city destination in Latin America in 2020, Medellin is known for its great weather, “the city of eternal spring”. Located in the Aburrá Valley, between the mountains, Medellin is the most innovative city in Colombia in areas such as: transportation, software and entrepreneurship.

A brief history about Medellin

The valley was discovered in 1541 by the Spaniards. At first, there were a few tribes that used to live in the region and they fiercely fought against the Spaniards, however the natives and indigenous peoples lost the battles and most of them disappeared. Shortly afterwards, the Spanish descendants settled in La Candelaria and founded Medellin in 1675 but it was only after 1826 that Medellin was declared the capital of the department of Antioquia because of its strategic commercial location.

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Medellin today

The city of eternal spring has a very charming and inviting culture and every tourist feels welcome here. The “paisas” - inhabitants of this region of Colombia - are proud that Medellin is famous for its variety of options in nightlife, fashion and design industry, libraries, museums, flowers. Last but not least they demonstrate splendidly their warmth and kindness: this will undoubtedly connect visitors to the best experiences. Medellin today has a very wide offer of restaurants, bars and an alluring nightlife that will tempt everyone. With an excellent transportation system, state-of-the-art buildings, museums, modern libraries and innovative projects, it is one of the most advanced cities in the country. Lately called “The valley of software” city.