Paris, the City of Light, is the most recognizable, romanticized city in the world, its seductive charms are legendary. Its rich unique history, its characteristic style of buildings, historic monuments, the glimmering Seine river, and the unmistakable elegant style, intelligent personality, love of culture, and elan of the Parisians, have forged Paris to become an amazing world-class city with no equal.

A brief history about Paris

The city was probably inhabited as early as 4200 BC. The Roman conquest in 52 BC completely transformed the city resulting in grandiose Roman architecture, such as theatres and palaces, as well the city was renamed Lutetia. Over the centuries, the city faced many wars and battles, including the Hundred Years War, the French Revolution, and had a central role in World War I. Despite this disruption, Paris has been very fortunate to survive with its iconic monumental historical and cultural landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre.

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Paris today

Paris maintains its eternal verve due to the layers of old and new, privilege and punk, its importance, character, and charm. Since the 1980's the appearance of Paris has been enhanced with new ambitious projects such as the Beaubourg Cultural Complex, the La Défense Arch, the Bastille Opéra, the renovation of the Louvre, and the Bibliothèque de France, a great computer-age library. To discover the beauty and romance of the city, walk around to explore inviting sidewalk cafes, gleaming boutiques, world-class museums, and a fabled gastronomic scene with unique trending restaurants.