The Algarve is the spectacular southern coastline of Portugal on the Atlantic, a land of gorgeous beaches, pretty fishing towns, superb seafood, intoxicating rosé wine, an excellent all year round Mediterranean-style climate: this is a perfect holiday destination.

A brief history about Algarve

The first people in the Algarve were traders, such as the Phoenicians, establishing their colonies on the coasts. During the period of the "discovery" of the Americas, the importance of the Algarve became pivotal as it became one of the main departure ports and its inhabitants participated solidly in these maritime adventures and in the occupation of Africa. The 1755 earthquake destroyed much of the Algarve including many important monuments. The Algarvios, staunchly forged ahead unperturbed by all these great obstacles and reconstructed the Algarve, so that today it has become a marvelous seaside resort!

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Algarve today

The region has a warm climate, numerous fine beaches, making it a top holiday destination. The economy is heavily dependent on tourism, with recent massive development of hotels, apartment blocks, houses, as well, many golf courses have also been established along the coast. Fishing, fish processing, wine production continue, however, the once significantly vital agriculture industry- the cultivation of fruit, nuts, olives - has declined. The Algarve will also seduce you by its perfumed vibe: the strong tang of the fish markets, the citric odor of overripe orange groves everywhere, the potent scent of the wine cellars, the smoky roasting of chicken on coals. The region offers a variety of destination options: Albufeira with its family-friendly beaches, Faro the capital, traditional Sagres, picturesque hilltop villages such as Monchique, and medieval historical Silves.