The city of Buzios, a 2 hour car ride from Rio de Janeiro, is one of the best known resort cities in Brazil, visited by national and international tourists for its excellent local cuisine, exciting nightlife and paradisiacal beaches on each side of the peninsula. The city became famous, entering the international tourism route after the visit of French actress Brigitte Bardot. The city was nicknamed the Brazilian Saint-Tropez because of her and in addition to the strong increasingly growing luxury real estate market in the region.

A brief history about Búzios

The region was discovered around 1503 by Portuguese expeditions and until the middle of the 16th century the region was occupied by the indigenous Tupinambás who had close commercial relations with French smugglers. In 1617, the Portuguese allied themselves with the Goitacaz tribes, expelling the presence of the French, unfortunately culminating in the extermination of the Tupinambás in the region. Subsequently, Buzios became a Portuguese territory and In the middle of the 17th century, the region became a fishing village with its name eventually becoming Armação de Buzios. The city continued to receive Portuguese immigrants to work in the fishing sector and remained so until the first half of the twentieth century when the Rio and São Paulo elite discovered the city and began building summer homes for vacation use.

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Búzios today

The city today is the main tourist pole in the Region of the Lakes in the state of Rio de Janeiro and has become a significant stopover for transatlantic cruises along the Brazilian coast and other countries in South America. This is where inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro flee when they tire of their beaches! Buzios offers a cuisine rich in seafood characteristic of the region but also features gastronomic offerings specialized in the most varied international dishes of Oriental and French cuisine, among many others. The city has 23 incredible accessible beaches with this unique characteristic: on one side, bathed by the ocean currents of the Equator, the water is warm, and on the other side, the water is cold due to the South Pole ocean currents. The city offers many services such as boat trips, nature trails, diving and a growing luxury real estate market. The principal tourist spots include the famous cobblestone streets and colonial period buildings and of course glamorous shops and a variety of trendy bars and clubs, many on the boutique-lined Rua das Pedras.