The Piedmont region is located in the foothills of the Alps forming a border with France and Switzerland, known for its rolling farmland, perfectly preserved medieval villages, energetic industrial towns and sophisticated cuisine and wine.

A brief history about Piedmont

Piedmont is a region with a rich cultural history, natural landscapes, and architectural heritage, dating back to before the Roman Empire invasion in 220 BC. The name Piedmont has Latin roots and literally translates “at the foot of the mountains,” as the region is situated at the foot of the Alps. Until the 19th century, the inhabitants in this aristocratic province spoke French and it has always demonstrated multiple personalities, heavily influenced by its neighbors France and Switzerland. The capital of the region Turin has been called the Paris of Italy, was key in the creation of the Italian State and its rich cultural heritage has made it a splendid museum city.

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Piedmont today

Piedmont is Italy’s second-largest region, mostly mountainous and surrounded on three sides by the Alps. The rich plains of Piedmont have allowed the region to develop an abundant agricultural economy. The capital Turin is not only the industrial center of Italy but also a gastronomic powerhouse, home to the Slow Food movement, the ultra-rare white truffle, the grissini breadstick, numerous fine chocolates, producer of superb excellent wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco, and the largest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy.