This giant of South America is impressive and with all good reasons! Brazil is a multi-faceted country that enchants all who have the chance to visit it. Latin Exclusive offers vacation rentals, long term rentals and sales of luxury properties: villas and houses.

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About Brazil

About Brazil

As Gilberto Gil said a few years ago, "Brazil's identity lies in its diversity". Thus, since its discovery in 1500 by Pedro Alvares Cabral, the Portuguese origins of the colonists have blended with the roots of indigenous and African peoples, Italians and Japanese, Lebanese and Germans, to form a people renowned for being joyful and engaging. If the word 'Brazil' already reminds us of music, warm hospitality, lush forest landscapes and heavenly beaches, living in Brazil is an incredible experience. From the vibrant Sao Paulo to the wild Amazon, from cheerful and sporty Rio de Janeiro to the calm and gentle Bahia, every corner of this country is worth exploring. With its size close to that of Europe, Brazil offers great options for all travellers and adventurers.

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This South American giant is impressive, and with all the reasons! Brazil is a country with characteristics that enchant all who visit it. In Brazil, Latin Exclusive offers vacation rentals, long-term rentals and sale of properties, villas and luxury homes. Browse our website to provide you with a specific advice, contact us directly and we will clarify any doubts you may have.

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