Mykonos is the celebrated island of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, known globally for its unmatched party atmosphere for the international beautiful people.

A brief history about Mykonos

Ancient Mykonos was established, according to historians and archeologists in the 11th century B.C. by the Ionians, an ancient Greek tribe. The history of Mykonos was closely intertwined with the neighbouring island of Delos, the religious centre of antiquity: Mykonos was one of the members, along with Athens, of the Delian League to counter Sparta. The glorious, long period of Delos' economic prosperity was also Mykonos' golden age, it eventually succumbing to anonymity after the decline of Delos.

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Mykonos today

Mykonos is synonymous worldwide with exuberant never-ending nightlife, unforgettable parties and stunning clubs. For locals, however, dusk initiates a completely disparate nocturnal adventure: night fishing, with the lights of the island in the background, away from the bustle of the clubs, this is a magical experience, offering peace and relaxation, a key characteristic of the traditional island life rarely experienced by foreign visitors. With great pleasure, we provide our guests with the opportunity to embark on this special night activity with our trusted fishing guides: they are welcomed proudly on the boats and initiated in an entertaining way into the age-old secrets of Greek night fishing in the eternal Aegean Sea.