Aquiraz is a coastal city in the Brazilian state of Ceará, a beautiful tourist destination definitely worth visiting, with great beaches, kitesurfing spots, and an internationally known water park.

A brief history about Aquiraz

Aquiraz and Ceara have strong indigenous, European and African influences in their culture. In the native Tupi language, Aquiraz translates as "water just ahead." The city also served as the first capital of Ceara before Fortaleza. In addition to its historical and architectural significance Arquiraz includes 36 kilometers of some of Ceara's most beautiful beaches: Porto das Dunas, Prainha, Praia do Iguape, Presidio, Barro Preto, and Batoque. Aquiraz has several important historical buildings and monuments that pay tribute to its rich heritage.

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Aquiraz today

Located just 27 kilometers from Fortaleza, the small city of Aquiraz is a charming spot for a coastal getaway. The beaches of Aquiraz have similar characteristics, such as a tropical climate, a constant offshore breeze, and stunning landscapes where the Catu River and Sahara-like sand dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean. It's a splendid option for those wanting to get a good tan and relax. Some of the activities you can do in Aquiraz are adventure parks, horse riding, kitesurfing, and golf. Famous Beach Park is a must : this extensive water park boasts a variety of adrenaline-inducing rides, artificial rapids, and even a few saunas here and there. A great place to spend the day.