Cajueiro da Praia

Cajueiro da Praia is a city in the Brazilian state of Piauí, located on the border with Ceará. This is a kite surfing destination, also known for having the largest cashew tree in the world which is spread over an area of 8.810m2!

A brief history about Cajueiro da Praia

The origin of its name comes from the large number of cashew trees (= cajueiro) present in the municipality. The first inhabitants were the indigenous Tremembé who left a great cultural and artisanal heritage in the region. When they departed, fishermen from Ceara settled there dazzled by the beauty of unspoiled nature and they found vestiges of the native artwork, which allowed this craft to continue. The Cearenses who came to live in Cajueiro da Praia, developed agriculture and fishing. It was in the 2000s that Cajueiro da Praia grew and the first local inns appeared brought on by the ideal conditions for the practice of kite surfing, attracting an international clientele.

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Cajueiro da Praia today

Cajueiro da Praia is an ecological paradise for its unspoiled beaches and the diversity of its flora and fauna, including its "Cajueiro Rei" considered the largest cashew tree in the world, extending over 8,810m2 because when its branches touch the ground, they recreate roots allowing thr tree to continue to spread. This area also features various species of seafood, migratory birds, manatees, seahorses, to the delight of nature lovers. Today, the small town of Cajueiro da Praia attracts kite surfers from all over the world who can enjoy sophisticated hotels and restaurants with a rustic concept, in harmony with the style of the village.