One of the most popular tourist destinations for North and Latin Americans, Acapulco stands out for the radiating beauty of its stunning sandy beaches on the Pacific, intimate coves and lagoons, soaring cliffs, luxuriant green hills , excellent hotels, entertaining nightlife and of course , the joy, genuine friendliness and the welcoming spirit of the Mexican people.

A brief history about Acapulco

The first arrival of the Spanish was in 1523 and it was founded in 1550 after which it was called the City of Kings. From 1571 to 1815, Acapulco became the most active and dynamic point of trade in New Spain, significantly communicating with the colonies in Asia and the Iberian Peninsula. The population tripled during this period and on November 28, 1799, Charles IV gave the city title to Acapulco. Once Independence was attained , Acapulco became part of Mexico and in 1849 with the creation of the state of Guerrero, the city was integrated into the district of Tabares. Over time, the economy and foreign investment continued to grow. During the 1950s, Acapulco became the fashionable trendy vacation spot for VIPs, millionaires and Hollywood celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra.

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Acapulco today

The Pearl of the Pacific, as the city is also known, is a paradise for surfing apprentices, who find the calm waves perfect to train on. Interesting historical tours are well organized informing visitors about the pirate culture and history of the region, visiting places like La Quebrada, Roqueta Island, the San Diego Fort and its cathedral, and the Zócalo, the main square , a beautiful plaza located in the traditional Acapulco. A first-time visit must include watching La Quebrada Cliff Divers as they courageously plummet from the high cliffs into the narrow gorge below.