This city is the capital of the Department of Quindío, which is surrounded by the great Andes mountain range. The Andean region is highly sought after by tourists for its natural wealth and coffee, the star attraction of the area.

A brief history about Armenia

Armenia was a hamlet initially inhabited by the Quimbayas, an extraordinary population with great skills for handiwork: they were experts in creating gold and ceramic objects. Several of these creations were kept in museums in different parts of the world since their expression is considered a work of art, called the "Treasure of the Quimbayas". These individuals lived under their own rules, until the 16th century when the Spaniards came to conquer the territory. The City of Armenia was founded then on October 14, 1889 by "Tigreros", a nickname belonging to the Spanish Jesús María Ocampo, along with 28 other Spaniards. They all saw the great potential of the land and initiated agricultural and livestock productions. This is how this city was positioning itself in the exchange of products with other cities. As a result, the economy grew on a large scale, becoming one of the cities with the highest coffee production in Colombia.

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Armenia today

The population of Armenia has been dubbed "The Miracle City" due to the urban growth and development that it has achieved in such a short time. In 1999, a powerful 6.2 earthquake destroyed the city. Faced with this tragedy, the population did not give up and began to build from scratch, but this time with prevention and development programs that would avoid a second disaster. For this reason, its people are known for perseverance and kindness. Today, it is a tourist city visited for the beauty of its valleys and its tall palm trees. A must visit that cannot be missed is the Coffee Park, a journey that will take you to discover all the history and mystery that Colombian coffee holds.