Rio and music, or how to visit the city while being carried away by the best of Brazilian music

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Rio and music, or how to visit the city while being carried away by the best of Brazilian music

The connection is quickly made... who says Brazil says Rio de Janeiro, and who says Rio de Janeiro says samba or bossa Nova! Famous for its carnival and its lively rhythms, the music vibrates all year round under the sun of the Carioca capital. In order to provide its clients with unique experiences, Latin Exclusive closely follows the musical cultural program of Rio. Even better, Latin Exclusive offers an incredible property for rent: the villa of the great singer Elis Regina. Do you know this great artist? Before we introduce you to the property that Latin Exclusive is exclusively offering, let's discover together the Elis Regina phenomenon, or Elis as the Brazilians simply call her! 




This great lady is one of the local figures who is impossible to miss, her musical repertoire is known to all, her song "Águas de Março" is on everyone's lips, the first notes invite to dance. Born in 1945, she has often been compared to Ella Fitzgerald and has become the female embodiment of Bossa Nova, the internationally recognized Brazilian musical movement. But classifying her in a single musical category would be missing her genius and her numerous interpretations of Brazilian Popular Music ("Madalena", "Como nossos pais"...) and of samba (notably "Samba dobrado" which she wonderfully performed at the Montreux Festival in 1979). 


Her fine voice earned her the best recognition in the music world, and she was voted best female voice in Brazil by the Rolling Stones magazine. Her talent also allowed her to sing alongside many artists, including Carlos Jobim (with whom she signed the magnificent album "Elis & Tom"), Vinicius de Moraes, Wilson Simonal and Jorge Ben. It is said that she helped launch the careers of many other singers such as Milton Nascimento, Tim Maia, Gilberto Gil among others. A legend in love with Rio! Elis owned an exceptional property nestled on the heights of São Conrado, overlooking the ocean. Today we present you this property full of history, which must have been the setting for many private concerts and artists' parties.




This villa is an architectural gem dating back to the 1950s, offering breathtaking views. Offering all the comforts for an ideal stay, its 4 spacious suites are tastefully decorated. Inviting to relax, the terrace and pool are perfect for a bucolic evening on the roof of the villa, unless you choose the terrace of one of the suites, to contemplate the horizon facing the sea. Imagine yourself holding a drink and listening to "Águas de Março" or "Como nossos pais" by Elis in the background, a unique experience to complete your dream stay in the beautiful city of Rio! 




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Would you like more information on Brazilian music?

Latin Exclusive offers you more history on this musical culture so strong in Rio. For while music is central to daily life in Brazil, it is also the most democratic and popular art form in the country. Its influences are strongly based on a mixture of cultures and social demands, which lead from samba to forro, via MPB (Brazilian popular music) and bossa nova, axé, reggae and Carioca funk, but also rap and classical music. To understand this music, you have to live it, see it and dance it. In Rio, it's easy to find samba and other rhythms on every street corner. Here is a selection of places to visit to enjoy the best of the local music.


The « cidade do samba »

The best samba schools in Rio meet here to prepare the famous carnival. Here you can learn about their history and songs, but also about the famous floats and costumes that are also made here. For those lucky enough to attend the samba schools' parade, this behind-the-scenes tour will complement the show. For others who choose a different time of year, this tour will delight young and old alike. 


Follow the circuit of statues of great musicians

Rio is home to a collection of sculptures of great national musicians, such as Luis Gonzaga, Tim Maia, Pixinguinha and Cartola. On the map below you can find the addresses of each of these great artists. Along Ipanema beach stands the one of Tom Jobim, considered by the Rolling Stones magazine as the most famous of all Brazilian musicians. In front of this beautiful beach, we pay homage to his famous song written with Vinicius de Moraes "Garota de Ipanema". In Dona Marta, the curious will come across the statue of Michael Jackson, who came to record the video "They don't care about us" under the direction of Spike Lee in 1996. A walk in search of these statues is a great way to discover the various neighborhoods of Rio. Click here to discover the map of the statues in the city! 





The Villa-Lobos Museum

In the Botafogo district, there is a small but charming museum that traces the life and work of the great Brazilian composer and conductor Heitor Villa-Lobos. Considered a pioneer ahead of his time, Villa-Lobos is arguably the greatest composer of classical music in South America in the 20th century. Nestled in a colonial house, this museum is a must to discover the genius of this artist. 


Going out in the city's old neighborhoods

If there were a neighborhood that represented Rio's music, it would be Lapa. An old bohemian neighborhood, music is part of the essence of the place. In the evening, the tunes can be heard on every corner, inviting spectators and walkers to enter and mingle with the locals already dancing. 

  • The Rio Scenarium bar is one of the institutions: an old antique building with several floors, the atmosphere is at its best on weekends, where people flock to admire the samba players who lead the dancers throughout the night. 
  • Not far away, in Laranjeiras, the Praça São Salvador is great to dance and discover the rhythms of the chorinho in a relaxed atmosphere, every Sunday morning, from 11am. The atmosphere is guaranteed! 
  • Finally, for an unforgettable evening in a very local style, the Largo de São Francisco da Prainha is the ideal place to sit on a terrace, drink cocktails or cold beers, and listen to music. The square witnessed the beginnings of samba, and lined with colorful colonial houses, it still has a pure charm. The bars are lively, the atmosphere is relaxed, and on weekend nights the square is ablaze with singers and DJs on the balconies. Times Out magazine has rated Largo de São Francisco da Prainha as one of the most interesting places in the world! 


Attend a show
  • The Circo Voador is the city's most famous concert venue, hosting mainly national bands and artists. The biggest names have performed here and the quality of the acoustics and staging is renowned throughout the country. 
  • The Sala Cecilia Meireles, not far away, is also a concert hall, but in a completely different style. Here, one comes to enjoy classical music of great renown.
  • Beco das Garrafas is a small venue that offers small concerts by lesser known musicians singing the repertoire of great national artists. 
  • If you are looking for a show about Brazilian music and its origins, Ginga Tropical offers quality performances to understand all the musical styles present in this great country.
  • Finally, another must-see show is "Opera na Tela". In the magnificent Lage Park, a beautiful installation is set up each year in the autumn to offer a unique experience to the spectators: an opera projected on a giant screen in the open air. The acoustics are perfect, created by state-of-the-art technology, allowing the operas to be enjoyed at their best. 
Latin Exclusive will be your ally in making the most of these experiences, helping you to book the best places to discover local music. Always on the lookout for new venues, our staff will be happy to inform you of the best of what's on offer. 
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