Destination Rio! Spend 48h in this wonderful city, making the most of it!

Guides October 13, 2021 by Latin Exclusive
Destination Rio! Spend 48h in this wonderful city, making the most of it!

If Rio de Janeiro, the postcard of Brazil, is an incredible city, spending 48 hours there is obviously a headache as it is hard to enjoy everything the city has to offer. There are of course the must-sees, such as Christ the Redeemer, the Sugarloaf, and the beautiful beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, but Rio is also full of secret addresses and the Cariocas know exactly what time to climb the mountains and where to be at sunset. Latin Exclusive offers a wide range of luxury rental houses and flats, the perfect basis for a peaceful stay. Latin Exclusive has put together a small program for you, mixing culture, nature, gastronomy and emotions! 

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that Rio de Janeiro is a big city, and that the trips between several meeting points can be long, so it is important to plan your visits well in order not to lose too much time. Finally, let yourself be carried away by the local rhythm as soon as you arrive, immerse yourself in the Carioca life and enjoy every moment!

First day:


Your first day will be punctuated by several visits, alternating nature and culture. But be careful, to be able to appreciate the most beautiful view of the city, the Corcovado, you have to get up early! To do this, you must book your bus ticket first thing in the morning to climb Christ the Redeemer, which also takes its name from the mountain on which it stands, Corcovado! Latin Exclusive will be delighted to make the reservations for you. You will be happy to enjoy this magical view, almost alone....



Once back down (by train or bus), head for the historic center of the city. The most important points are the National Theatre, the Imperial Palace, the Portuguese Royal Reading Cabinet, the Praça Tiradentes and the CRAB Museum, which shows all the Brazilian folklore and crafts, and the Senado Street. And while you're at it, on this famous street there's a great restaurant, Lilia! Afterwards, you can have a coffee and taste the sweets at the very famous Confeitaria Colombo, Rua Gonçalves Dias 32.




It's time to visit Lapa, with its colorful Selaron stairs, and to go up to Santa Teresa, Rio's old bohemian neighborhood full of small bucolic streets overlooking the city. As the afternoon draws to a close, Latin Exclusive advises you to take the little yellow tram down to Praça Mauá, where you can enjoy the superb sunset from the Olympic Boulevard and its urban frescoes by the famous artist Kobra, or simply from the museums of MAR (Museu de Arte do Rio) or do Amanhã.



Now it's time to relax in your rental and then get ready to go out for dinner. Our concierge service will be happy to book a table for you at one of the city's most sought-after addresses! Why not sample the flavors of the superb Michelin-starred Oro restaurant in Leblon, or indulge in the equally renowned and Michelin-starred best restaurants Lasai or Oteque in Botafogo?



Second day:


For this second day, we advise you to take advantage of the nature walk, and to possibly reverse the programs between morning and afternoon if necessary depending on the weather. But if you are among the more athletic, we must recommend a morning walk in the Tijuca forest, the largest urban forest in the world. At sunrise the view over the city of Rio is unforgettable. Afterwards, head for the Sugarloaf! The cable car will take you to its summit, allowing you to admire the whole bay of Rio and to understand the delimitation of its beaches. It's breathtaking! Completely under the spell of the city, you will then head for the Botanical Garden, one of the world's most important institutes for research and conservation of biodiversity. Immersed in gigantic imperial palms and other local trees, the walk will be a delight for young and old. Not far away, you will go to Parque Lage, a hidden gem in the city, an art school in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. A small restaurant with a tasty menu, the Plage Café, awaits you for lunch. 




For the afternoon, we recommend a (free) visit to the Instituto Moreira Sales, in a neighboring district, Gávea, which offers beautiful photo exhibitions in an incredible modernist house, in the middle of a garden idealized by the famous landscape designer Burle Marx. Then it's off to the beach! In Ipanema you can go to Posto 9 or 10, in Copacabana to Posto 7. You will be able to enjoy a very Carioca moment of relaxation, drink a good mate, feet in the sand, munch on the "Globo biscoitos" and why not play a game of beach tennis or football! 




Walking the streets of Ipanema will also be part of the program; a little shopping will be fun around the Nossa Senhora da Paz square! For those who prefer sporting activities, then surfing or paddle boarding in Ipanema will be perfect. The idyllic landscape will make the experience sensational!



Finally, to enjoy the Golden hour, you have four options! The famous Arpoador rocks, at the very end of Ipanema beach, where locals come to watch the sunset in such beauty. Every day, hundreds of people gather to applaud this spectacle. Another great option is to have a drink on the 'mureta' in Urca, with a beer or cocktail served on the low wall by the water. The atmosphere is at its best in this quiet and unspoiled part of Rio! For the more romantic, a boat trip in the bay of Rio is the highlight of the show! Departing from Urca, with a drink in hand, the ride on the water will be unforgettable in this exceptional natural scenario!  Finally, for the more adventurous, a hang-gliding jump from the mountain to fly over the city and land on the beach will be the most incredible program of the day. Just like in a movie! To complete the day, Latin Exclusive recommends a dinner in the old quarter of Santa Tereza, in one of the mythical restaurants of the city, Térèze or Aprazível On the heights of the city, the air is fresher, and the view will be magical. Finally, for those who like to party, a quick trip to a samba bar downtown Rio or a nightcap in the Largo de São Francisco da Prainha square, which has just been named one of the most interesting places in the world by Time Out magazine.



The Latin Exclusive team is waiting for you and will be happy to prepare your stay to offer you a unique and quality experience in this beautiful city. The desire to stay will be strong and as for all tourists who pass by, you will be tempted to come back as soon as possible!


And just as all the Brazilians do so well, when you come back you will be singing "O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo”! ("Rio de Janeiro continues to be beautiful").
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