Eco-friendly travel to Mexico: our tips for finding unique accommodation!

Travel November 03, 2021 by Latin Exclusive
Eco-friendly travel to Mexico: our tips for finding unique accommodation!

Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and discovering new destinations, enjoying our holidays and marveling at new cultures are some of life's great moments. With family or friends, with two or twenty people, escaping from everyday life is important and Latin Exclusive shares and promotes these unforgettable experiences. However, if leaving and getting away can be synonymous with lightness, the ecological reality and the impact of our travels are more and more highlighted and challenged. For this reason, Latin Exclusive, aware of the stakes and with the will to offer dynamic solutions, invests more and more in eco-friendly stays and properties. 

Architecture is now at the service of sustainable development, for the greatest pleasure of the eyes and our ecological conscience. Today, it is about the region of Riviera Maya and Tulum, in Mexico, that Latin Exclusive invites you to discover environmentally friendly properties, ecologically integrated in the nature, offering quality building materials.





Tulum is a real paradise in this very touristic part of Mexico. But paradise also means the risk of damaging the local eco-system. Some owners have therefore decided to offer eco-friendly properties on isolated or private beaches, thus allowing a true retreat in the middle of nature, while respecting the environment.


Here is a selection of very interesting houses in the area, handpicked by Latin Exclusive to offer clients nothing but the best.


Let's start with this multi-bungalow house on the incredible beach of Soliman Bay. The bungalows each have their own private area on the beach, allowing for ideal comfort and privacy. The pool is shared by all, as is the barbecue, which promises convivial moments. Here, the focus is on quality products, while respecting the surrounding nature. Nothing is over, just the right amount of luxury. Demolition wood, hay and the local style have been respected. The essentials for a relaxing stay in the most perfect comfort!





Let's continue with this absolutely incredible house, a jewel in the Yucatan, a few minutes from the gates of Tulum, nestled in the Sian Ka'an jungle, a UNESCO listed and protected site. It is a project that has taken 6 years to complete, prepared in every detail to honor the region and respect the soil in the most sustainable and ecological way. The house, under the aegis of a major architectural firm in Mexico City, Productora, is the result of diligent work with the locals. It now offers a unique experience in the country. Composed of four bedrooms and a studio, it blends into the jungle and looks out directly onto the sea. Wood, more than anything else, natural ventilation structures and solar panels provide a calm and peaceful place. The resolutely contemporary design and the ecological lines anchored in the construction have earned the house the famous Wallpaper Design Award in 2020! An unforgettable stay!





Our next option is an exclusive villa in Aldea Canzul, built with respect to local traditions. The methods have been applied in the choice of materials, and here wood and local stone are a bias. The house, offering luxury and calm, has magnificent views of the surrounding jungle and the ocean. For a perfect connection with nature, the large deckchairs are a must on the roof-top to watch the most beautiful sunsets in the region.  The four large rooms offer all the comforts for a perfect stay with feet in the sand.




In Soliman Bay, here is a house whose architecture is absolutely well integrated with nature. The wooden deck on the terrace merges into the sand, allowing a natural transition and giving a sense of endless space. Situated directly on the beach and facing the Caribbean, the villa offers the ideal comfort for the region. With 5 fully equipped bedrooms in the most elegant decor, the choice of local design plays an important role in the house and creates a wonderful atmosphere. A detail that does not go unnoticed, all views from the house open onto the surrounding lush nature, a feeling of oasis guaranteed. To fully enjoy the elements without damaging the seabed, the villa provides kayaks so guests can watch the turtles with complete peace of mind. Magical!





Finally, here is a house completely anchored in nature, close to the lively town of Tulum but yet nestled away from it all, on the edge of a famous beach and very close to an archaeological site of Mayan ruins. The villa offers 3 bedrooms with a mix of local style and contemporary touches. Ideal for a reconnection with nature, close to the elements, you will discover certain details in the house that allow you to observe the eco-park, such as a perch on top of a tree, overlooking the region. Coconut trees are an integral part of the architectural design, even crossing the living room! Enjoy this paradise with your eyes closed!




Latin Exclusive will be delighted to help you prepare your eco-friendly stay in this wonderful region, and will put its excellent services into practice to offer you the guarantee of a tailor-made trip. 


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