Travel trends: increase in domestic tourism and more private and exclusive stays

Travel April 14, 2022 by Latin Exclusive
Travel trends: increase in domestic tourism and more private and exclusive stays

Faced with the lull in the COVID19 pandemic and its travel restrictions, Latin Exclusive, always on the lookout for innovation to best meet its most demanding clients, wanted to launch a major survey to understand the preferences and new trends in luxury tourism in 2022. 

Thus, between December 2021 and March of this year, the agency conducted its study among a representative panel of luxury market consumers, including CXOs, directors, vice presidents, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, founders, partners and owners of Brazilian companies with a minimum turnover between R$ 100 million and R$ 1 billion.




One of the findings of the study is that despite a normalized pandemic situation, increased vaccination rates and relaxed health regulations in most countries, 64% of people still consider pandemic-related restrictions when choosing a travel destination.

In Brazil, for example, metropolitan areas are closing their COVID departments in most hospitals and there is an end to the mandatory use of masks outdoors in several Brazilian states. Nevertheless, the legacy of the Covid-19 era is present in society and may be a reality for some time to come. 

The survey also shows that stays within the country and close to the traveler’s home are increasing. In addition, a major trend in this sector was analysed: domestic tourism. Even with the opening of foreign borders and the increased possibility of going anywhere outside Brazil, people are opting for trips within the country. About 40% of people plan trips close to home and plan to spend money on this type of travel. 




The other clear trend among consumers seeking luxury travel is the search for ever more private and exclusive options. 

Travelers will naturally favor leisure activities that allow them to maintain a certain social distance. The top priorities in our survey are family activities (45% of respondents), private visits to specific places of interest (41%), private swimming pools (39%), deserted stretches of beach (32%) and remote and isolated locations away from major centers (32%). On the other hand, only 8% of respondents plan to go on large group excursions, which still reflects a more reserved behavior among luxury tourism consumers. Daily accommodation services, such as housekeeping, are also an important demand, with over 60% of respondents appreciating this feature. 




The search for exclusivity and privacy has also made proximity to nature an important trend for travel in the coming months. Indeed, 59% of those interviewed show an increased interest in peace and quiet. But despite this, they also don't want to miss out on the culture (56%) and local cuisine (70%) of their chosen destinations. 

Latin Exclusive, famous for offering its clients exclusive and personalized luxury home rental experiences worldwide, is closely following these trends to continue to offer its clients the best and to respond as closely as possible to its clients' requirements and needs. The properties offered are in Brazil as well as in all its destinations in Latin America and Europe. 




"We see the trends analyzed in our daily bookings. Today, the most popular destinations for our clients remain the Nordeste - especially Bahia - and Rio de Janeiro. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a strong movement towards places closer to nature, offering tranquility, comfort and luxury. In the face of the difficult health situation we are still experiencing, many people have realized that it is possible to travel more peacefully and, in a way, enjoy this reclusion. This is a trend that will continue at least until the first half of 2022, as we gradually readjust to social life", adds Arnaud Bughon, CEO of Latin Exclusive.


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