Rio de Janeiro is a great investment opportunity

Travel September 25, 2022 by Latin Exclusive
Rio de Janeiro is a great investment opportunity

There are countless reasons to visit, settle and even invest in Rio de Janeiro. Beyond its natural beauty, its mythical beaches, the good mood that reigns there and the gentle way of life that infects all visitors, Rio offers great opportunities to foreigners in search of good investments. Because when it comes to investing in real estate, the emotion must be combined with reason! Latin Exclusive, a specialist in luxury real estate services, explains why the desire to purchase a property in Rio is in fact an excellent potential for capitalization. Better still, Latin Exclusive explains that we are in a time of opportunity for those who wish to embark on an investment with very favorable exchange rates. With its portfolio of exclusive properties, Latin Exclusive can help you find excellent property options in Rio. The agency's expertise, Brazil's investment advantages and tax facilities will allow you to move to Rio in much greater comfort than in many major capitals.


Quality and lifestyle!


It is impossible to find a city with a quality of life like Rio de Janeiro! The 8 million annual tourists (of which 3 million are foreigners) who visited the city before the pandemic will not say otherwise, nor the Cariocas who have the reputation of returning frustrated from their travels as the comparison between the destinations visited and Rio only accentuates how unique Rio is! Cradle of samba and « joie de vivre », the Cidade Maravilhosa has more than one arrow in its bow and offers a range of activities to appeal to all. A perfect blend of elegance and casualness, Rio continues to make travelers dream thanks to its strong connotation of leisure and escape. Between the powerful blue ocean and the green tropical mountains, the city offers a unique panorama. Life here is pleasant all year round, with a mild climate and only two seasons with comfortable temperatures: in winter the temperatures are between 18 and 25 degrees (May to November) and in summer the thermometer reads up to 35 degrees (December to April).


Vibrating to the rhythm of music, Carnival, big football games and numerous internationally renowned beaches, one experiences here a balanced mix of suspended time in the neighborhoods and a frenetic megalopolis with contemporary inspirations. Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, or the unspoilt beaches of Grumari and Prainha, to name but a few, are a unique experience. Rio has more than 72km of beaches... Nature is at its best in this city that respects the beauty of its surroundings, encouraging residents and visitors to enjoy the benefits of life in the open air. From surfing lessons, yoga, football, beach tennis, hiking in the mountains and in the city's 25 parks, to bike rides on the countless cycle paths that cross Rio (450km of tracks), wellbeing is an important part of local life. This could explain the Cariocas' contagious enthusiasm for life!  The Tijuca forest, which borders the city, is the largest urban forest in the world, with its 4,200 hectares of dense nature, in which you can walk and meet tropical vegetation and over 200 species of animals. This nature is enjoyed all year round, without moderation. Because here, there are no climatic catastrophes on the horizon, the elements play in favor of the city and nature is majestic in Rio. But culture is not neglected. The city offers no less than 50 museums open to the public and numerous theatres, offering quality exhibitions in internationally renowned venues.




Rio is definitely a dynamic city, looking to the future and hosting international events. The luxury sector is growing rapidly, and there are more and more starred restaurants.


Capital enhancement!


To get straight to the heart of the matter, it is important to know that the exchange rate is very advantageous to foreign investors and that market analyses show an extremely favorable trend for investments from abroad. Indeed, the real, the Brazilian currency, has been depreciating for several years against the main currencies of the rest of the world. Rio de Janeiro in particular has benefited since the 2015 crisis from a drop in property prices estimated at -25%. Thus, the price per square meter in Rio is still well below world capitals. But already, the city's urbanization is growing. Thanks to the major works undertaken to host the football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, Rio benefits from numerous neighborhoods that have been able to undergo real renovation work. It is not hard to envision a sharp increase in the price per square meter in a few years' time, reflecting the infrastructure investments in the city, such as the fluidity of mobility and the improvement of urban services. All this guarantees a great potential for capital appreciation, whether for the purchase of a main residence or a second home. There is a growing demand for buying and renting, thanks to the arrival of new multinationals in the oil and gas sector, as well as the strong demand from tourists looking to buy. Rio's property market is one of the most sought after in Brazil.



Tax advantages!


Beyond personal and financial interests, Brazil also offers significant tax advantages. In fact, it has never been easier to invest in Brazil! The Brazilian government is very interested in foreign investors and facilitates their arrival, even issuing them a residence visa when they invest in the purchase of a property of R$1 million (R$700,000 in the northern states of the country). In order to obtain this residence visa, it is possible to acquire more than one property as long as the minimum total value of R$1 million is reached. It is interesting to note that the documentation required is different in the case of constructed property and property under construction. In the case of a property already built, the documents required are the RGI (General Real Estate Registry) and the Declaration of a credit institution licensed or registered in the national territory with the Central Bank of Brazil certifying that a total amount of R$1million has been transferred for the purchase of a property.


The tributary issue is also advantageous for foreign investors and the procedures have been simplified so that foreigners do not get lost in lengthy formalities. All that is required is to carry out a few specific procedures, including obtaining a CPF (individual taxpayer registration) which is easily obtained from the Brazilian consulates. With this document in hand, the opening of a bank account is allowed which will facilitate all banking transactions. Bilateral agreements have been signed between Brazil and many European Union countries, thus avoiding double taxation. Afterwards, the procedures are similar to those of many countries, you need to find a real estate agent to accompany you in the search for property. Latin Exclusive, specialized in luxury real estate in Brazil, is the ideal agency to accompany clients in their search. Once the property has been found, the seller will be asked to check the property documents and then the deed of sale can be signed with a payment of approximately 10% of the property's value. The rest of the payment will be made at the end of the purchase process, all supervised by a notary and the estate agency team. Regarding the financing of a property in Brazil, only permanent residents or those who are already naturalized can apply for a loan from an official bank. Once the investment has been approved, the new owner will receive a temporary authorization for two years, during which time he or she must guarantee that the property acquired is well preserved and remains in the same name. After these two years, the property is permanently authorized. The icing on the cake is that short-term rental is not taxed, which considerably improves the profitability of a property. 




For more information, do not hesitate to contact our teams. They will guide you in your research and procedures and will accompany you in the acquisition of an exceptional property in Rio de Janeiro.  
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