Holiday Tips: New Year's Eve in Bahia

Travel September 21, 2021 by Latin Exclusive
Holiday Tips: New Year's Eve in Bahia

New Year's Eve is one of the most anticipated events of the year in Brazil. Its only competitor may be Carnival, but while Carnival is synonymous with big parties and extravagance, New Year's Eve is more of a solemn moment, where all Brazilians dress in white, meet up with family and friends, and literally get dressed up to spend the "virada do ano" together. The party is a great way to start the year on the right foot, eating grapes and, if possible, jumping the 7 waves into the sea, according to local traditions. Summer is in full swing, and the atmosphere is festive. 

While most Brazilians are looking for sun and beach at this time of year, some destinations are popular and promise a successful New Year's Eve. Rio de Janeiro with its majestic fireworks is one of the classic choices, guaranteeing unprecedented entertainment and celebration.

But Latin Exclusive is convinced that another destination deserves just as much attention, a very popular part of Brazil: Bahia and its incredible beaches. It is to this northern state that we draw your attention today.


Beyond its wild beaches and the friendliness of the Bahian people, the region offers a variety of activities to satisfy absolutely everyone, from couples looking for romance, to large families or groups of friends who want to party. The advantage of the region is that it has the perfect climate for the summer season, with sunshine and warmth guaranteed. As the festive season approaches, rental houses are decked out in their best, hotels prepare dinners and dancing parties, locals gather to honour their saints and restaurants redouble their imagination to offer the best. 



From Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia, to the south towards Trancoso, the celebration atmosphere reigns to welcome visitors at their best. For a peaceful stay, the ideal is to rent a house and enjoy the personalized services and professionalism of a real agency that knows the place well and actively seeks to satisfy its clients. Latin Exclusive will be happy to guide you through the rental of luxury homes and beach villas, the selection of properties in Bahia is incredible! There are several options for travellers but the easiest is to move away from the capital and choose a small seaside town. Latin Exclusive offers a selection of exceptional homes on various beaches in the region, and provides the best in terms of services for a memorable New Year's Eve!



Our favorite is Trancoso, as it is the perfect place to settle down, meet up with friends and enjoy the incredible energy in the village. There are many options of luxury homes and villas for rent, each one more beautiful than the next. Here, you may not want to leave the house, enjoying the tropical garden and the beach. For those looking for a more intense and lively getaway, there are plenty of private parties with the best DJs. There is something for everyone, Trancoso is a destination that appeals to absolutely every type of traveller and never fails to show its best side. Find here our selection of villas and houses in Trancoso:





Barra Grande is a well-preserved gem that attracts travellers looking for tranquillity. The crystal-clear beaches are a delight to the eye, and the natural pools that form there, bordered by the Atlantica forest, are a wonder. Find Latin Exclusive properties at this link:




Itacaré is another excellent option in Bahia for a successful New Year's Eve! Its wild nature and its long paradisiacal beaches are a real delight! Here, nature is at the rendezvous and the New Year's Eve will be celebrated out of sight. Discover our properties here:





And why not stay on an island paradise? This dream is possible just a few hours by boat from Salvador: Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba, classified by UNESCO, are the most beautiful and festive all year round, the beaches are wonderful and the evenings long. There are no attractions here except the beach, the tropical nature and the parties organized by the locals and the hotels.




Finally, Salvador will welcome tourists who are eager for big parties and religious ceremonies. The famous "Festa da boa viagem" procession, established in 1750, is a must in the city on 31 December. The image of "Bom Jesus dos Navegantes" leaves the church of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem to begin a maritime procession from the quay to the Basilica da Conceição da Praia. The next day, January 1rst, the procession takes place in the opposite direction. Hundreds of boats follow the procession in the beautiful Bay of All Saints. The night is long on the 31st, the celebrations continue until dawn and delight all visitors.



Bahia is and will remain one of the most incredible regions of Brazil, a must for visitors and a dream to be experienced during this special New Year's Eve period.
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