Grisons (Graubünden in German) is the easternmost canton of Switzerland, the largest one, the most mountainous, the least densely populated canton, and interestingly, Grisons is the only trilingual canton.

A brief history about Grisons

Grisons was once inhabited by the Rhaetians, a pre-Christian Celtic tribe. In 15 B.C., the Romans conquered them, began colonization, and built alpine roads. However, the Germanic Franks entered the Roman provinces in the 3rd century and established themselves, introducing Teutonic influences, gradually changing the language of the inhabitants to Germanic dialects, especially in the northern regions. As a result, German is spoken today by about half the Grisons population.

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Grisons today

Since the 1950s, Grisons' economy has been oriented towards tourism and visitors come for skiing and the small villages dating back to the 13th century, there are numerous Alpine resort towns, notably Davos and St. Moritz. The Engadine valley in the canton is home to the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps – Piz Bernina, which is 4,049 meters high and 15 kilometers southeast of St. Moritz. Of course, Grisons is a haven for nature lovers – there are 615 lakes,150 valleys, 937 peaks, in the region, a true Swiss Alpine experience. The alpine scenery here differs from that of other areas of Switzerland in altitude as well as topography -- the air is clear and invigorating, which has led to the establishment of many health centers in Grisons.