District of the city of Petrópolis, Itaipava is located in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Itaipaiva has everything to be a pleasant and charming, romantic destination and is known as a winter getaway.

A brief history about Itaipava

During Brazil's colonial history, Itaipava was nothing more than a stopping point for resting horses and those who led them, on a trail that led to the banks of the Piabanha River. In the fifties, the trains called Marias-fumaça started to be gradually replaced by motor vehicles. This traditional "technical stop" for travelers, for a quick meal, turned into a Carioca habit that continues to this day: to take the car and climb the mountain for a gastronomic meal in Itaipava.

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Itaipava today

The natural beauty of the region is reflected in the panoramic views and waterfalls along the side of the roads. Located in the mountainous region, Itaipaiva is approximately 68 km from Rio de Janeiro. It has exquisite gastronomic attractions and exciting nights. Rural producers and suppliers of trout, mushrooms, honey, aromatic herbs, organic vegetables and snails have multiplied over the years. Artisanal producers of cheese and chocolate are also well known in Itaipava. Antique dealers, artisans and plastic artists have settled here. Today, Cariocas can enjoy “cold” winter days here while savoring a Fondue served with good wines by the heat of fireplaces.