Carmen de Apicalá

This beautiful town of the department of Cundinamarca is located three hours from the Capital. It is often visited for its diverse landscape, scenic views and an enjoyable climate of 26ºC.a

A brief history about Carmen de Apicalá

The municipality of Carmen de Apicalá was founded on October 13, 1887. It began as a hamlet where the indigenous Jaguos lived, from the Panchos tribe, and was later populated. Due to its agricultural potential, the economy began to grow and attract more and more residents, who bought farms to cultivate. Among what stands out the most is the cultivation of exotic flowers, cocoa, avocado, yucca, corn, and citrus. Poultry production, seed bank, reforestation, pig farming and livestock were also strong catalysers of the economy. Due to its natural wealth and beautiful landscapes, it was necessary to build several very large hotels and country houses to attract tourists, who step by step were activating the tourism sector. It was so well received that today it is on the list of the most visited towns in Cundinamarca.

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Carmen de Apicalá today

Currently the municipality is sustained by two main sources of the economy: agriculture and tourism. People choose this destination to relax in a country house overlooking guava trees or the mountains. Visitors often visit the lakes of Vereda Cuatro esquinas as an ideal place for sport fishing. Other tourist sites that can be found in this place are: Lake Arenitas, Monument Caballo de Santander , National Water Park, Waterfall La Telaraña and La Oloche Spa. Traditionally, the festivities of the Virgen del Carmen are highly anticipated and attract thousands of parishioners of the Catholic religion, who make this day memorable every year.