Known as "The City of Parks" or “Colombia's Beautiful City”, Bucaramanga is the capital of Santander, located in the Cordillera Oriental of the Colombian Andes, where you can enjoy a pleasant climate around 26 degrees Celsius all year round.

A brief history about Bucaramanga

Founded on December 22, 1622 by the Spanish Andrés Páez de Sotomayor and Miguel de Trujillo, after defeating the indigenous Guanes - the first inhabitants of the region - who during the 18th century were subjected to the Spanish tyranny. Later in the 19th century, freedom began to consolidate. Bucaramanga grew with urban architecture featuring Spanish features. It still was not a city, it just had a small population made up of 7 houses. In 1857, it was named capital of the department of Santander and acquired the title of city in 1869. Today, it is part of the Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga together with the municipalities of Floridablanca, Piedecuesta and Girón, and has a population of approximately one million inhabitants.

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Bucaramanga today

The “Beautiful city" has a very special characteristic, because of the greenness of its abundant parks. In addition to the beauty of the nature of eastern Colombia, nowadays Bucaramanga has become a tourism benchmark for extreme sports and traditional colonialism. Similarly, close by are wonderful and unforgettable destinations such as La Mesa de los Santos, the Chicamocha Canyon, the Paramo de Santurban, San Gil, Barichara and Zapatoca, places that you must visit to enjoy their gastronomy, adventure and exploration activities.